Thrills, drills, conditions, all kinds of music & MORE! For the music lovers, Fence Sitters, new to dance, returning to dance, undecided, curious, Global travelers or those who wanna move! Willows worls dance explore new moves, grooves & conditioning, spanning, modern, bollywood, bellydance, free forms, dance combos & beyond to create your best dancing self!

Belly Dance

Discover the beauty of what is called “bellydance” – a powerful, feminine & diverse world of dances & music that span the globe! Learn posture, alignment, weight shifts, rhythms & classic traditional moves for a solid foundation of dance!

Add in musicality, drills, & combos in the mix!

Bellydance 101

Bellydance Intermediate & Beyond

Bellydance Plus

Hana Hou Bellydance

a class for new, returning or ‘need more time’ students! We’ll focus on fewer moves & more repetition, to encourage greater understanding. In a fast paced world, slowing down is what is often what is needed – amd its true for our dance too. Always fun & low impact, while remaining feminine & soulful.

Liquid Fusion Bellydance

Fusion bellydance, (aka “Tribal Fusion”) has roots in American & various bellydance styles, but incorporates elements from other forms including but not limited to Flamenco, Indian Dance, Hip Hop,